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About the Restaurant

Originally a tiny hamburger and ice cream joint, Cloyde Pate completely rebuilt the structure in the restaurant he envisioned. With an ambitious seating capacity of 250 seats, it's hard to believe its scope judging from the modest exterior.

There's been many a change in the restaurant's character since Cloyde opened the doors on July 1st, 1957. If not the original appointments, the decor pretty much resembles its nascent interior. A staid style is realized in dark brown walls around tables set with burgundy cloths. It's Cape-ness is derived from captains' chairs and scant nautical motifs.

The food, too, remains recognizable as Pate's; he pioneered the steak house grill in the dining room that's still used in many of the popular preparations of today.

The restaurant serves dinner only, opening at 5:30pm, seven days a week seasonally (April 1st through January 15th). Reservations are not accepted, though it may only be a short wait on an in-season Saturday evening.

Pate's accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.